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Extra Curriculla Activities

-The following ball games are offered in schoo:

Football ( boys and girls), Volleyball (boys and girls), Softball (boys and girls), Netball, Table tennis, Tennis, basketball. Badmington.

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The clubs include the following:

Science, Journalism, Wildlife, Traditinal dance, Boxing, Debating,

Workcamp Association, Film, Boy Scouts, Drama, Karate, Modern,

Photography, Scripture Union, Art, and Maths


Staff Housing:

The school currently has 34 houses on campus and 6 houses nearby in town.

40 houses are proposed to be built in Donga a suburb of Francistown, in the coming year.

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In the coming year,1999 onwards, the school will be upgraded with more facilities which will inlude classrooms, specialised laboratories, such as a state of the art computer laboratory. The school will also get specialised equipment in each of the subject areas. this will be to the tune of 21 million pula.