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Letter From The Chairman

Dear Cheshire Friend,

I feel sure that you will enjoy reading this Newsletter. It is full of interesting information about our work and invigorating individual stories of hope and great determination. It is these brief biographies that I always enjoy. People like Oaitse, Monkgogi and Keletso really do inspire us all to continue to develop the work of the Centre. They are so powerful as personalities that they are even able to bring Father Christmas to Mogoditshane on a donkey cart.

In a developing country, growth and expansion are always important. You will see in this Newsletter that we cater for more clients than ever before, in all the programmes that we offer. The staff has increased, our budget is bigger and even the current Executive

Committee is larger. We need, however, to be mindful of the quality of our services. I believe that our quality has improved too, and I am proud to be able to pronounce this boldly.

Our work is not possible without the support of many friends. Some support us in cash, some in kind, some through visits and some through physical work. All spread our name and our reputation and we are most grateful for this. To you especially, our old friends, I hope that what follows is meaningful and informative. New friends, if you are interested after reading this to find out more about the Cheshire Foundation of Botswana, please contact our Director, Sekgabo Ramsay.


Yours sincerely,

Malcolm McKenzie

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