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newsletter 4/98

A new Executive Committe

was elected at the annual general meeting, held on Monday the 2nd of November 1998. The new committe wants to emphasise that the main purpose of Friends of Camphill is to invlove the community with the children at Camphill. A little effort on your part can bring a lot of joy and happiness to the children. Events such as the annual braai at the Lion Park and the forth coming drama day at Camphill in Otse need our involvement. If there is anyway you can help please contact one of the committee members: John Foley tel: 326 943 ~ Charlie Coyne ~ Icky Millington

Otsile Habana was born in 1986 but only joined our class four in September 1997. He first grew up with first his grand mother and now lives with his uncle in Mogobane. He is a happy boy, always willing to help and interested in what is going on. Otsile is not shy in going up to people and introducing himself. He is very good at speaking English. Without formal lessons he has managed to pick up a surprising amount of the English language.
Otsile is mildly retarded. He has not achieved a great deal in lessons although he can count up to 30 and write the numbers from 1 to 10. None the less he enjoys class lessons and is able to answer some of the questions afterwards. There has been some improvement in his life skills but he still needs help with things like making his bed and sweeping the floor. Otsile is more of a social person than a scholar and it will probably be in this direction that he will find most satisfaction in the future.

by Peter Millington

Day at the Lion Park

by Hazel Hudson
On Saturday July 25 the children, staff and friends of Camphill enjoyed a splendid day at the Lion Park. Maru a Pula students and staff came with their combis to augment the private cars and school vehicles which converged on Camphill to pick up the excited students and staff and to drive the short distance to the Lion Park. Once arrived, there were so many attractions that they were almost bewildering. Kite-flying started off the day; informal ball games grew up on the open space beyond the trees which marked the main base; there were miniature cars to push around, bats and balls available and plenty of willing helpers to join in. Soon delicious smells were coming from the huge braai pits. The children queued up to wash their hands and went to sit on tarpaulins where they were served. Their behaviour was exemplary and you may be sure no one went hungry. Sterling cooking from the officers of the Friends of Camphill kept us all well supplied with chicken, steak and boerewors. Maru a Pula students dispensed cool drinks and bread rolls. Unlike the adults who might have welcomed a short snooze after such a splendid meal, the children were raring to go on to sample the attractions offered by the Park. The chief of these was a trip on the toy "train" -a cleverly disguised tractor pulling a carriage. We had a twenty minute tour of the grounds and saw horse riders among other exciting things. From there to view the animals in their cages( a sight enjoyed more by the children than the adults.) The undoubted favourites were the baboons which kept the observers laughing and mimicking until they had to move on. On our return to base the highlight of the festivities was blown up - a jumping castle. Even the severely handicapped children could be assisted to enjoy the abandon of being tossed up and down without danger of being hurt. Seeing that there were a limited number on at a time, and that everyone had a fair chance kept the teachers and helpers red and breathless but it was certainly worth it! And so home after a magnificent day, magnificently organised.

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