Hello my name is Lizelle Byloo.I am thirteen years old and I am in Std 6.I was born on the 22nd of January 1985 in South Africa.I have one brother,and his name is Quintin Byloo.He was born on the 24 th of July 1977.He is 20 years old and works as a assitant manager for a bar in South Africa.My height is 1,77m and my brother is a whopping 1,90m.


My best sport is golf and horse riding.I also enjoy cycling, tennis,squash and I like to gym.I sometimes play cricket, basketball and netball.


My hobbies include listening to music like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi,Nirvana,All 4 One and Def Leopard. I love animals and want to become a vet.


I live in Jwaneng.It is a small town in Botswana,Africa. I have two dogs,a hamster and two birds.I have lived in Botswana for four and a half years and I have enjoyed it so far. I will be going to school in South Africa in about a years time.


My school has a library, a Design and Technology centre, many computers!, science lab, two music centres, a netball court, two soccer fields, a cricket pitch and a tuckshop.

This is my first attempt at web page design. As we learn more about HTML, so my page will improve. So come back and see the improvements. We will also be getting our own email addresses soon!!