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Support / Software Setup / IBIS Proxy / IE5.x & 6.x

IBIS Proxy Server Setup Guide

Windows 95 / 98 / ME
Internet Explorer 5.x & 6.x Web Browsers

Step 1:
select Internet Options from the Tools menu of Internet Explorer 5.x / 6.x

Step 2:
click on the Connections tab at the top of the Internet Options window
under Dial-up Settings - click on the Settings button.

Step 3:
in the Settings window, under Proxy server -
check the box labelled Use a proxy server
in the text box labelled Address: enter:
in the text box labelled Port: enter: 8080
click on the Advanced button under Proxy server

Step 4:
in the Proxy Settings window, under Servers -
in the top row labelled HTTP: -
ensure that Proxy address to use is
ensure that Port is 8080
ensure that all the other boxes under Servers are blank
under Exceptions -
in the text box labelled Do not use proxy server for... -
click on the OK button at the bottom of the Proxy Settings window

Step 5:
click on the OK button of the Settings window
click on the OK button of the Internet Options window
your browser is now configured to use the IBIS Proxy Server

Problems? contact IBIS Technical Support for assistance:

e-mail   tel 318 444

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