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A small selection of some of the best download sites on the Web. Type in a word or phrase relating to the software you're looking for and clicking on the search button. For more search options or to browse, go direct to the site by clicking on the site logo or name.

ZDNet - PC - Mac   Tucows   Filez   DaveCentral   Gamecenter   WinFiles   Winsite   Jumbo   GameSpot

ZDNet ZDNet:   huge site of all things computer and internet - and lots of software. Indexed in categories with good descriptions and ratings. Good place to browse for software.   is shareware - over 250 000 titles. Well organised with categories, reviews and descriptions. - PC - PC:   PC section of one of the biggest download sites. Everything neatly organised into categories with full descriptions and ratings by popularity. - Mac - Mac:   Mac section of one of the biggest download sites. One of the best mainstream sites for Mac software (?) Organised into categories with full descriptions and ratings by popularity.

Tucows Tucows:   "The World's Best Collection of Internet Software" - it says, and they're probably right. No search field here because there are a multitude of Tucows mirror sites. Click on the name or logo to go the main site and choose a location (US is usually best from IBIS)

Filez Filez:   an ftp search engine / database with over 75 million files from 5000+ ftp severs across the net, updated weekly. Not the friendliest of interfaces but very powerful.

DaveCentral DaveCentral:   loads of shareware, freeware and demos - categories & file descriptions. The search works on keywords. GameCenter:   mostly commercial game demos for download. Good for game news and reviews.

WinSite WinFiles:   good source of Windows 95, NT & 3.1 shareware, well organised - categories and descriptions. Note: search results will be documents referring to your search query.

WinSite WinSite:   huge collection of Windows 95, NT & 3.1 shareware organised into categories

Jumbo Jumbo!:   Another large collection of shareware - categorized, with descriptions. No search field here because their search capabilities seem to be limited to filename keyword only. Click on the name or logo and browse from there.

Gamespot GameSpot:   game demos, with reviews and descriptions. GameSpot also has a lot of news, reviews and articles on the latest games - and the hardware you'll be needing to play them.

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