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The Y2K Problem


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IBIS Y2K Statement

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Y2K in Botswana

IBIS Year 2000 Awareness Statement

Info Botswana Internet Services as a user of computer based information technology systems is aware of the problems that may be caused by systems that do not correctly process end of century dates. IBIS makes use of systems that process date and time information and as such has evaluated its susceptibility to date specific programming errors.

All of IBIS systems that provide direct services to our customers, such as network and connectivity systems have been evaluated for risk, and found to be fully compliant with all Year 2000 compliance tests.

Computer systems used peripherally in the provision of these services all operate with a UNIX operating system, and the physical network and access router equipment to which our customers connect does not internally make use of real-time clock information.

Indirect services such as billing and accounting systems have been evaluated, and, where deficiencies in either software or desktop operating systems have been found, steps are being taken to upgrade or replace non-compliant packages. This will ensure that IBIS will continue to be able to process both debtor and creditor accounts after 1999.

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